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Empowering decarbonization


New frontier of innovative

energy for humanity

Evercore offers scalable and adaptable energy solutions for lease and can also advise on carbon capture and offset solutions, meaning you can depend on us for the step you’re ready to take now, as well as the leaps you’re ready to take in the future. 

Ongoing innovation is at our core, and when the next proven technology meets our standards of safety and excellence, you can count on it being added to our offerings.

Nuclear Microreactors

Leveraging decades of technological perfection, we offer long-term leases for microreactors—the most efficient, clean energy source that exists today. These microreactors stand as the epitome of modern progress, with as little energy waste as a mere fingertip's worth throughout its lifespan.

Energy waste the size of a fingertip


By combining carbon offset and carbon capture with existing, highly efficient diesel generators, companies can reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing reliable energy needed for production and operations.

Reduce carbon waste with reliable energy

Always adjusting

Evercore remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of evolving energy sources. We constantly assess new options that meet our strict standards of safety, reliability, and value. Rest assured, we bring you cutting-edge solutions you can truly rely on.





Advisor on carbon offset & capture

We offer more than just energy leasing services. Our expertise extends to providing tailored advice and consultation to help you achieve your specific carbon goals and mandates. Whether you need assistance with offset and capture or guidance on how to begin, we are here to provide customized support. Let us assist you with a thorough assessment to help steer you in the right direction.


Ready to solve your energy needs

Our team can help you reduce your carbon footprint while providing the reliable energy you need.
Contact us at or using the form below.

Connections that drive success

We’re not only the lessor of energy but can be an advisor and connector to all facets needed to implement the solution you move forward with. From transport and earthmoving to building and construction, our team and implementation partners are fully equipped to meet your needs.

Evercore Energy  

An L&H company

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