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We are committed  to delivering innovative

solutions that drive and champion

a cleaner world.

Energy for

the future


Our world’s current energy sources are undeniably vital to society but the geopolitical climate necessitates change. We believe every disruption is an opportunity for innovation and Evercore Energy is securing the future by leasing competitive energy solutions to the world’s industrial leaders.


Our mission  is to support humanity by leasing safe, reliable, and competitive energy solutions for the world’s industrial leaders.

An innovation mindset

Ongoing innovation is at our core, and when the next proven technology meets our standards of safety and excellence, you can count on it being added to our offerings. We know mankind will continue to push further and find even better options.


Evercore will never settle on a single energy solution. Instead we will always pursue the safest, most reliable, and invaluable opportunities. Throughout a person's entire lifetime of utilizing nuclear energy, the resulting fission nuclear waste produced would amount to a mere fraction - comparable in size to that of a fingertip.

You can trust us

Understanding the immense pressure and uncertainty that can come with disruption and changes, Evercore is a stalwart of confidence for our customers. Owned and operated by L&H Industrial, an engineering, manufacturing, and service leader transforming key heavy industries, we continue to build on their impeccable reputation for operating with integrity.


Based in Wyoming, we have deep roots in the global legacy of energy production, and we are committed to be a leader in this space and remain energy dominant, setting the standard others strive to reach. By serving as a catalyst for change, we can ignite global energy innovation and pave the path for revolutionary solutions.


Connections that matter

Collaborating with industry-leading organizations and public stakeholders is essential for success in the energy sector. Working closely with these supporters and organizations ensures we are advancing a unified vision for energy innovation, and we’re extremely grateful for their dedication, insights, and support.


Ready to solve your energy needs

Our team can help you reduce your carbon footprint while providing the reliable energy you need.

Contact us at or using the form below.

Evercore Energy  

An L&H company

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