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In the midst of disruption and geopolitical pressure to reach desired emission levels, many of the world’s biggest industries are challenged to continue meeting productivity goals with unreliable, inconsistent, and incredibly expensive energy sources.

Depending on only those options is not a way to secure our future. At Evercore Energy, we believe every disruption is an opportunity for innovation and we strive to secure the future by leasing competitive energy solutions to the world’s industrial leaders. 

A new lease

on energy

Meet new emissions goals without  operational sacrifice


Industrial transformation through decarbonization

Low Emissions Energy

Clean energy sources exist and range in expense and reliability. Today, the safest and most efficient low emissions energy option is nuclear microreactors.

The most efficient energy solutions

Offering scalable and adaptable energy solutions, Evercore can lease low emissions energy solutions and advise on carbon capture and offset methods.


Ready to solve your energy needs

Our team can help you reduce your carbon footprint while providing the reliable energy you need.

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Nothing but the best

Leveraging U.S. based partners ensures the highest quality of any solution we lease and guarantees reliable baseload power while delivering unmatched convenience, quality, efficiency, and safety. 

Evercore Energy  

An L&H company

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